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White Rocks

Features designed to empower your sales, marketing, and support teams close and retain more sales

Create a unique customer experience for each customer or lead interacting with your brand

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Tools For Marketing

Email Marketing

Send blast emails to groups of people at once. Whether you are sending to 3 people or 100,000,000 people, do so with a few clicks. 

SMS Marketing

Send blast SMS' with promotions to anyone in the world directly to their phones.


Create and embed easy forms on your website. Also track their performance

Marketing Automation

Automate recurring marketing tasks for a customized marketing experience. Works perfectly with the CRM and other tools in the platform

Tools for communication
Inbox by Trembi

The inbox tool is a unified solution  for all your communications. Bring all your Direct message communications to one place. Whether its Facebook messenger, email, twitter DM, Instagram DM, manage it from one place accessible to your entire sales, marketing and support team.

Watch the intro video below

Tools For Customer Support

Live Chat

Add a live chat to your website for easier interaction on your website with visitors.

Tools For Sales


Manage your company's contacts, leads, companies and list with a powerful CRM built for growing businesses


Schedule, track and get reminders on any sales activities with leads, contacts and customers


Manage deals and pipelines with an easy drag and drop tracker


Call, text and email leads, prospects and clients from right within your CRM

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Looking for an all in one solution for sales, marketing and customer support?

Discover how the Trembi  can be of help to growing your business

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