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Institute of Petroleum - Kampala now relies on Trembi for its sales and marketing operations.

Trembi is slowly becoming a household name for educational institutions looking to attract and retain students from all over the world. One of the latest customers to onboard and trust the Trembi CRM tool is the Institute of Petroleum in Uganda.

What is the institute of Petroleum:

Founded in 2013, IPSK is a private Other Degree Awarding Institution in Uganda offering Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs in the Energy and Management realm.

At the institute, we understand that quality education (more so in energy studies) shouldn’t always necessitate crossing borders. And so, right here, at home in Kampala, Uganda, we are committed to pioneering foremost training to those who ready to navigate the industrial complexities of the future, more so in Africa where discoveries of natural resources has recently escalated.

Situated in the tranquil suburb of Muyenga at the heart of Kampala, the Institute is proud to be leading the way in the delivery of world class education, research and training in Energy and Management studies.

How is the institution using Trembi:

  1. To find new students: The institution uses the Trembi sales AI tool to generate new leads and engage possible students. With the AI they are able to gather details of S. 6 leavers and other professionals including engineers and lawyers notifying them about the different programs they have in the petroleum space and how they would be of value to the professionals.

  2. Lead Qualification: Trembi has a powerful lead qualification engine that enables the sales team qualify who may be more interested in the programs that IPSK has to offer.

  3. Engaging existing leads and students. Using the Trembi marketing automation tool, the institution continually engages existing and New leads on the value they offer and what they are doing.

  4. Analysis of sales and marketing data. Every month the institute engages thousands of leads. They would need to visualize the user story of what they are doing in marketing is translating to sales at the end of the day.

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