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What is Marketing automation

Updated: May 25

Marketing automation is the use of software to perform repetitive tasks within the marketing process. Some of the marketing tasks include things like email marketing, SMS marketing, Social media posting and eve scheduling ad campaigns. These steps of the marketing process would traditionally have been done by people, taking countless hours to create, schedule or post this content. Marketing automation tools present a solution that helps you team perform those repetitive tasks saving your company both time and money.

The primary goal of marketing automation is to reduce the manual effort required to execute and manage marketing campaigns, freeing up time and resources for marketers to focus on higher-level strategy and creative tasks. By automating repetitive tasks, marketers can also improve the accuracy and efficiency of their campaigns, and gain valuable insights into the performance of their marketing efforts.

Marketing automation tools can range from simple, single-feature applications to complex, multi-channel platforms that integrate with other enterprise systems such as CRM and analytics.

Why does your company need marketing Automation?

Looking at the common hurdles encountered by businesses in marketing, we recognize that prioritizing lead generation and sustaining customer engagement throughout their journey remains paramount. Amidst these objectives, businesses grapple with a deluge of data accumulation yet struggle to harness its potential.

Marketing automation software emerges as a solution to these challenges by effectively leveraging data to streamline workflows. While many perceive marketing automation primarily as a tool for mid-funnel activities, such as nurturing leads through automated email sequences, its scope extends beyond. Relying solely on email marketing within the automation framework risks fragmenting the customer experience, as prospects transition from marketing initiatives to sales endeavors and customer service interactions.

This standardized approach funnels prospects through predefined touchpoints, often inundating them with irrelevant content. Rather than tailoring responses to individual customer needs, businesses inadvertently recycle the same strategies repeatedly.

To optimize results, automated marketing strategies should span the entire customer lifecycle. When integrated thoughtfully, marketing automation cultivates a fertile environment for fostering enduring relationships with customers. A well-executed marketing automation strategy yields three primary benefits for your business.


These are some of the top rated Marketing automation tools your company can rely on to scale your marketing operations based on your region:

  • Salesforce Marketing cloud: This is ideal for larger corporations with a couple of thousands of dollars to spend every month.

  • Hubspot

  • Active Campaign

  • Brevo:

  • Trembi (Formerly Ideal for small and midsized companies, the platform has become the preferred marketing automation platform for business in several African countries.

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