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How not having a sales process is massively hurting your business growth

Updated: May 25

Up to now, I thought it was obvious and every business had a sales process. To my dismay, I only found out that 67% of all businesses globally do not have a sales process.

Not having a sales process is like someone in a maths exam and wanting the answer but without knowing the formula and process to get the answer you need. It is extremely important that you understand this process as without it you can never scale your sales.


Having a sales process helps you identify when something is going wrong. Sales in most times does not fail when closing. Most sales are lost within prospecting, follow up and other stages of the sales process. Without you understanding what your process is means you can’t pin point where the point of failure is.

Some important parts of the sales process include:

  • Prospecting: Developing a pipeline of potential customers and positioning the company as a trusted advisor

  • Connecting and qualifying leads: Identifying and connecting with leads, which can be done quickly and efficiently with the phone

  • Follow up: Not every sale is will happen immediately you talk to someone. In most scenarios you will need to send follow up information and check in on the lead before they are converted into a closed sell.

  • Handling objections: Addressing concerns or objections potential customers may have about a product or service

  • Closing the deal: Using the best strategy to negotiate a deal and make a sale


  1. (formerly this is a CRM and marketing automation tool built around empowering you automate your sales process. The system uses sales AI to help you find leads, engage these leads, follow up and every other step of the sales process.

  2. Salesforce cloud. This is ideal for extremely large organizations. The legacy system has been helping large corporations since the early 2000’s. For companies that don’t mind spending a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is a great choice.


In order to grow your sales, simply understand what your sales process and fix what could be wrong within the sales process.

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