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Find, Engage, Follow up & close leads powered by the Trembi AI 

Automate the prospecting process with lead generation software, Initiate sales conversations and follow up with leads at scale with Trembi

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How to Generate and Engage Hundreds/thousands of Leads every day with Trembi Sales AI on Autopilot

Trembi is an all-in-one sales platform. The platform helps sales reps with every stage of the sales process. With Trembi you can

  1. Get leads

  2. Initiate sales conversations through email, SMS, WhatsApp, Reddit and several other channels

  3. Set up follow-up conversations and tasks with the help of marketing Automation journeys and AI

In this blog post however, we will exclusively delve into how Trembi helps with lead generation/prospecting:

USING THE SALES AI (Automatic lead generation):

One of the Ways Trembi helps with Prospecting/lead generation is by using the Trembi Sales AI. This works more like a robot sales rep that you have instructed to look for possible leads on your behalf across several data sources and bring you relevant information like names, emails, phone numbers, job titles and the companies these people work for so that you can initiate outbound sales conversations with these people.

The AI taps into several databases to help you get the best leads based on different criteria. All you have to do is select some of the criteria that fit the leads you are looking for then the AI does the rest on Autopilot.


Step 1: Login to Trembi, go to the Automation section and set up the first Automation

STEP 2: Choose the right filters that depict what your Ideal customer profile based on:

  • Location

  • Gender

  • Industry

  • Department

  • Seniority

  • People's interests

  • Country

  • Date of birth and more

STEP 3: Set up the relevant messages you would want to send via email, SMS, telegram, WhatsApp and more channels

STEP 4: Set up the follow-up messages via email, SMS, WhatsApp and other messaging platforms through our marketing automation engine


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