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Sales Training Programs in Uganda

In this blog post we will share the top sales training programs in Uganda, their advantages, strengths and weaknesses. These programs are the ones more focused on businesses looking to reskill their sales staff and not for students looking for sales related degrees or certificates.

Full list of sales training programs in Uganda:

1) Trembi Sales Training Program

Trembi is a sales and marketing software company. Because the team interacts with thousands of sales reps every month, they opted to create a sales training program based on the thousands of challenges experienced by sales reps using their sales software.

The Program is hosted by Kenneth Ntende, Who also serves as the CEO of Trembi and has an online only version which you can access at your request.

Who is it ideal for?

  1. Businesses beginning to scale out

  2. Startups that have just raised funding

Strengths of the Program:

Unlike many other programs that are more motivational, this program focuses exclusively on what you can do as an actionable step if you were getting started today. Its core advantages include

  • Ability to use its software including the trembi sales AI to help with your sales

  • Affordable. It is customizable for all businesses starting from as low as 250,000 ugx

  • Has an online version. For those that are not in the country, you can still partake in the program online and keep track of your progress.

How to contact them:

Phone: +256758993529 (Available on call, SMS and Whatsapp)

Demo Trainings done

2) Daniel Choudry Sales Institute

This is designed by the old time sales coach Daniel Choudry. From attending the sales con and a couple of trainings, Daniel Choudry is ideal when your team requires motivation. The program works better for businesses looking for traditional sales function.


Educational sales program. This is ideal for students that want to pursue an actual paid degree in sales.

Some of the topics covered:

  1. Setting sales goals

  2. Creating Goals and Action Plans

  3. How to pitch to customers

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