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Find, Engage, Follow up & close leads powered by the Trembi AI 

Automate the prospecting process with lead generation software, Initiate sales conversations and follow up with leads at scale with Trembi

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Top AI tools you can use for lead generation (Pricing, pro's and cons all included)

AI has been transforming the lives of people around the world in various ways. It was inevitable that businesses would also adopt AI to enhance their operations. One of the business functions that embraced AI early on was the sales function. Sales teams are leveraging AI for multiple purposes such as finding (lead generation), engaging, analyzing, and proposing to potential customers. In this blog post, we will zoom in on the AI tools that can assist with lead generation. We will also compare their features, benefits, drawbacks, and costs based on a comprehensive survey of all the available tools in the market as of now.

AI lead Generation tools:


Trembi AI is a software solution that uses artificial intelligence and automation to help sales teams find, engage, and convert more leads. It uses a combination of AI and marketing automation to not only find but also engage and follow up with your best possible leads for your B2B business. Trembi helps your sales reps automate outreach and follow up via email, SMS, reddit, telegram and more channels.


  1. In addition to lead generation, the platform helps you engage and follow up with leads automating a lot of what your sales team would have needed to do.

  2. It has a large database of over 12,000,000+ local contacts (emails and phone numbers) from which the AI can tap into to suggest the best possible leads for you.

  3. integration with Trembi CRM and other CRM tools (coming soon)

  4. Advanced analytics including lead gen stats, engagement stats and conversion stats.


  1. It is currently live in only a few specific countries

  2. Ideal for B2B companies


Trembi has different pricing including 3 packages from the solo preneurs, growing business and enterprises. The pricing varies depending on the number of employees, number of leads needed starting at $99.99 as of 2024.

You can refer to the full Trembi Pricing here

CUSTOMER AI (previously known as Mobile Monkey) is a state-of-the-art AI tool for lead generation that combines message automation, data integration, and prospecting features in one solution—helping businesses to simplify and improve their marketing and sales processes. uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to boost targeted outbound marketing, helping businesses to reach out to potential leads. It also monitors website traffic and identifies customer profiles that fit certain criteria. Once it finds promising leads, it adds them to a contact list for automated email or SMS follow-up.


  1. Great for teams with technical


  1. Requires integration with your website for visitor identification.


  • Starter plan for $199 per month

  • Pro plan for $499 per month

  • Enterprise at a custom quote


LeadIQ is a B2B lead generation solution that specializes in LinkedIn outreach. It enables businesses to integrate customer data from various CRM systems and sales tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and Google Workspace into a unified platform, where it can be easily managed. LeadIQ also autonomously cleans and validates data, which empowers marketing teams to make decisions based on reliable information.

LeadIQ leverages AI technology to examine customer behavior, habits, and preferences and deliver useful insights for finding and reaching out to prospective leads. LeadIQ’s AI-powered personalization also enhances engagement efforts by creating content that appeals to the target audience. Furthermore, organizations can monitor key insights and performance metrics directly from LeadIQ’s dashboard.

LeadIQ provides businesses with access to the most up-to-date relevant data, which they can utilize to improve their campaigns and generate more leads. Marketing teams can also apply LeadIQ for data analysis to discover new geographical regions and sectors they can target.


  • Essential for $45 per user per month

  • Pro for $89 per user per month

  • Enterprise for a custom price


CoPilot AI is a content optimization and leads outreach solution for LinkedIn. It helps businesses to produce captivating content that can draw in and appeal to prospective customers. CoPilot AI offers personalized AI insights, which enable organizations to tailor content for better SEO. It also facilitates video prospecting, allowing teams to create and send AI-powered video messages in mass.

Moreover, CoPilot AI has smart reply and smart inbox features that you can leverage to enhance engagement by delivering auto-generated messages. CoPilot AI employs sentiment analysis to pinpoint high-intent leads. It can examine potential customer messages and estimate if they’re likely to convert or not. CoPilot AI can be integrated into content creation workflows to produce content ideas and social media posts, as well as translate messages to various languages.

  • Standard plan for $389 per month

  • Scale plan for $488 per month

  • Teams plan for $999 per month

These are the 4 most highly rated Ai's for sales prospecting.

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