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Find, Engage, Follow up & close leads powered by the Trembi AI 

Automate the prospecting process with lead generation software, Initiate sales conversations and follow up with leads at scale with Trembi

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Understanding sales AI

Definition of sales AI:

Sales AI refers to the application of artificial intelligence specifically to enhance and streamline the sales process. This involves deploying AI tools designed to assist with various stages of sales, from lead generation to closing deals.

What do the different stages of the sales process look like:

This may vary from company to company but as a default, these are the stages that most companies have:

  1. prospecting: This is where your business acquires leads of possible people/ companies that may need your services.

  2. Initial sales conversation: This is where you explain what you do to someone to figure out whether they need your service/product

  3. Follow up

  4. Closing: This is where the sell is eventually closed.

  5. Analysis and reviews.


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The role of Sales AI tools in this process:

Sales AI tools are intended to help with all the steps of the sales process.

  1. With Prospecting: Tools like the Trembi sales AI tool can help with this. Simply instruct the AI on what your ideal customer profile. With the trembi sales AI you can use filters like company (job title, company size, Revenues, department and more), location data, Gender, Interests. Once you select the criteria then the sales AI would be able to find people for you across social media and several data sources that fit the criteria you select.

  2. Initial sales conversations: Sales AI tools help you come up with the relevant sales messages.

  3. Analysis and Review: Sales AI's can help you make sense of your sales performance. Whether it's trends of performance or understanding how

If you prefer to watch a video, watch the video below:

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