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What can I do to increase my sales? More sales reps, more ads or leverage sales AI?

I get asked this question I get all the time: Should I invest in more sales reps, Sales Ai or paid advertising?

Here’s the thing...

One channel isn’t better than the other. It's more about how you get it to work for you (They all have challenges)

They each accomplish different goals during different stages of the funnel.

  1. Sales AI: Automates your prospecting, initial engagement and follow making creating 10 times the opportunity for each sales person

  2. Social media advertising lets you target specific audience segments and increases brand awareness.

  3. Google Ads can provide an immediate traffic boost and allow for high-intent targeting.

  4. Hiring More sales Reps:

The biggest drawback to paid ads is that they tend to have an expensive learning curve.We recently asked 1,351 marketers and sales reps from all over Africa if their paid ads are profitable.

And 79.2% said no.Only 20.8% were able to make money off paid ads.

From the data available, ads work 20% of the time. Hiring new sales reps and managers too, usually contributes to about 3-37% growth in revenue (depending on the quality of the sales rep). On average using AI helps businesses grow sales by on average 37.7%.

My personal recommendation is to rather ask, how do I get the channel to work for me? I suggest to most of the companies I train to ask themselves one question; How do you get the channel you have chosen to work for you?

At the end of the day, they all have their draw backs and jumping from one to another doesn't mean that all of a sudden things will sky rocket. No matter the channel you use, its still going to have challenges. Whether its hiring a sales rep, running google or social ads or using AI, you will need at least 3 months to get it to work for you. Drop me a call to better guide on how to have sales growth implemented in your business. +256758993529

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