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What I am doing to drive to $100,000 based on Alex Hormozi's guide

In the pursuit of business growth, I stumbled upon Alex Hormozi’s enlightening video—a roadmap that promises actionable steps to reach the coveted milestone of $100,000. Intrigued by the prospect of achieving this goal, I wasted no time and dove headfirst into implementing his recommendations.

In this blog post, I’ll share my journey, detailing the steps I followed to ensure my success. Let’s explore how I’m turning Alex’s insights into tangible results.

Prefer to watch the video, find it attached below:


Based on the video here, Alex Hormozi states that all you need to do is take 100 primary actions every day. he suggests that any one of these actions would work well

  • 100 cold outreaches through instagram, Linkedin, Email, call, SMS or really any channel that makes the most sense to you base on where your ideal customer profile is.

  • 100 minutes worth of content creation a day

  • A minimum of $100 ad spend every day if you have the budget readily available to invest for at least 100 days'



The first day was a little confusing, yes I knew I needed to reach out to 100, spend $100 or create 100 minutes worth of content but before I dived in I had to actually understand what worked for us.

Given that we are still in trying to find product market fit for our company, I figured the spending $100 a day would not make sense for us. This left us with 2 options; either to create 100 pieces of content or making 100 outreaches.

I figured what if I could do both, doesnt it increase the likelihood of success? So how exactly can I pull off both the cold outreach and Content.

I figured let me give it a try and see if we could do it.


Through Day 2-7, I woke up every morning at 4: 30 am and started with reaching out to people on Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram and Tiktok.

Truth be told manual outreach especially with instagram and Tiktok was complicated. I spent 6 hours on day 1 searching for people that fit my criteria to get their handles. Through most of the first week I was searching for freight and forwarding companies and truth is I hated the manual outreach. It really sucks.

What I settled for was to use the Trembi Platform as it helps me not only generate the leads using AI but also helps me engage and follow up these leads across Email, SMS and WhatsAPP. With the AI and automation tool I am now able to get more than 1000 outreaches a day which helps me achieve that Alex stated and still leaves me the time to create the content.

I spend my first few hours setting up the relevant automations then get to creating content on a daily.


Reaching the number of people I am getting to now is huge. It is important to understand how the content I am sending is being received by the people. Are they opening my messages/emails, are they clicking my links or are they responding to my messages? To help me understand this I am using 2 methods of analysis.

Then for the performance of the emails, SMS, whatsapp, I rely on the default Trembi analytics the show me how my leads acquisition is working, what the engagement with leads is and conversions at the end of the day.


I am still in the process of figuring out how to make this whole thing work. I understand I am just a week in and have to adjust my copy, my messages and my sales pitch. What I will do along the way is just share what my journey has been and what results have worked and not worked. Follow me on my YouTube to keep track of this journey

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