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The best CRM's in Africa

Updated: May 25

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become indispensable tools for businesses globally, and Africa is no exception. With a rapidly growing economy and increasing digital transformation, African businesses are leveraging CRM solutions to enhance customer interactions, streamline operations, and drive growth. Here’s a look at some of the top CRMs that are making waves across the African continent.

Africa's CRM Case:

When it comes to Africa, the business landscape is different. It integrates several currencies, given that Africa has 54 countries (all with different currencies). The continent is also home to the most significant number of start-ups globally.

What does this mean?

  • They are price sensitive, given that the bulk of companies are small to medium enterprises.

  • Localization is required to factor in different African currencies and local languages from all over the continent.

  • Simplicity: Africa has not fully embraced the age of the internet.

Why does your business need a CRM

Which is the best CRM software for Africa?


This is an all in one tool for sales and marketing. With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Trembi is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for your company. The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages with customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.


  • Sales AI: This helps businesses find and engage leads at scale.

  • Meetings management.

  • Contacts management.

  • Advanced analytics.

  • Email blasts.

  • SMS blasts.

  • Whatsapp blasts.

  • Task Management.

  • Deal/Pipeline management.

2. Zoho

The best of the CRMs that are easy to use and employ, it’s cheap thus suitable for all businesses, it has various apps to help you meet your small business meet its demands and offers excellent customer care to its users, offers multiple training programs to aid you to get started smoothly, they provide consultation services and this key in running a business especially if you have just adopted a new CRM.

In addition, Zoho has various features, such as sales force automation, lead management, deal management contact management, workflow automation, journey orchestration, process management, sales process builder, processing rules, the review process, and many others.


a) It is pretty affordable


a) UI is quite confusing after logon. They provide so much so quickly to the user, which makes it hectic for a new user

b) It gets expensive when the users are many.

Here comes their pricing plan; standard goes for $12 a month, professional goes for $20, enterprise goes for $35, and ultimate goes for $45

3. Salesforce

Why It’s Popular:

Salesforce is a global leader in CRM solutions, offering a robust platform that can cater to the needs of large enterprises and growing businesses alike. Its scalability and extensive third-party integrations make it a powerhouse in the CRM space. However, this is ideal for large corporations.

Key Features:

  • Sales Cloud: Comprehensive tools for sales automation and pipeline management.

  • Service Cloud: Advanced customer service management capabilities.

  • Marketing Cloud: Tools for personalized marketing campaigns and customer journey mapping.

Benefits for African Businesses:

Salesforce’s cloud-based model ensures accessibility from anywhere, which is vital for businesses across diverse geographies. Its extensive integration options allow African businesses to connect various tools and systems, fostering a cohesive operational ecosystem.

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why It’s Popular:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities into one integrated platform, providing businesses with comprehensive tools for managing customer relationships and operational processes.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Platform: Combines CRM and ERP functions for a holistic view of business operations.

  • AI and Analytics: Advanced AI capabilities and detailed analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Customization and Integration: Extensive customization options and seamless integration with other Microsoft products like Office 365.

Benefits for African Businesses:

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s integration with widely-used Microsoft products ensures a seamless user experience. This is particularly beneficial for larger enterprises or those looking to scale rapidly, as it supports complex business processes and detailed analytics.


The concept of CRM in Africa is something new, but CRM usage has many benefits. The earlier you adopt it for your business, the earlier you will enjoy the benefits.

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