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How To Use Marketing Automation To Close Deals In Real Estate

As a business expands and gets more customers, it gets stressful to manually manage each customer’s information.

Marketing automation divides the customer base, directs prospective leads and buyers into your sales. It also makes customized emails that save time for your team to concentrate on other marketing and sales-generating activities, which are essential. These help to enhance profits and revenue for the business.

With marketing automation, everything is done by software or a set of tools. This goes in tandem with quick replies, quick actions, quick responses to customers’ queries, quick updates to customers in case of any changes in the services or products offered, and any other essential communication regarding the company itself.

One of the best ways to enhance your business operations, sales and marketing is to adopt marketing automation. Automation is a way of decreasing manual work and letting your tools do more for you. Automation involves using email workflows, automated notifications, automated team tasks and various integrations between real estate applications and tools and other CRM applications and software.

Marketing automation doesn’t not only decrease manual workload for teams but also betters business operations. Additionally, marketing automation makes your employees' work more manageable, fun, and effective.

So, How Do You Use Marketing Automation To Close Deals In Real Estate?

1. Maintain close customer relationships

Customers are the most important people who form your business's most significant part. Therefore, you need to allocate time. Don’t get lost in cost savings and the time you utilize during marketing automation. Instead, try to make time for your customers.

You can find marketing automation tools to find time to engage with your customers. This will help to form more meaningful relationships with your customers. Note that the more time you allocate customers, the more they get engaged and feel part of the business. This doesn’t not only help to maintain and retain customers but also attracts continuous support.

2. Divide your clients or audience into different sections

Diving up customers into different and well-defined groups could be necessary to use efficient marketing automation strategies. Diving up customers into other groups helps you know where to market what information so that each customer finds information that suits their business needs. Just in case you don’t have the time to do the segmentation yourself. There are many different real estate marketing automation software tools to make the action complete and achievable.

Additionally, before doing the segmentation, it is essential to understand your target; client’s business background so that each client is placed in divisions where they best belong and benefit.

3. Advance your security systems 

Most business fields usually come with risks, and so do the real estate marketing automation systems. Security is essential for your business, especially with the current digital era of much hacking. When you are setting up security systems for your business, ensure that;

  • There are good security practices for real estate email marketing.

  • Use a password manager to protect your accounts from hackers and tricksters.

4. Make use of lead magnets

Lead magnets are essential to help you count your automated marketing procedures as a success while closing deals. Lead magnet triggers could be; a customer will exchange their email address with you.

An effective real estate marketing automation software should help you craft chains of lead magnets. Lead magnets deal with different types of customers. This means they can generate content depending on the nature of the customer, the interests and the kind of business they are running. This helps to improve customer experience and also helps to retain customers hence closing more deals.

5. Utilize sales funnels

Understanding your sales funnel is everything. Knowing your sales funnel is one of the ways of running an effective marketing automation strategy. A sales funnel includes various levels that a customer has to go through before deciding to buy; going through the sales funnels stages before automation allows you to focus your automation tools on closing more sales deals.

6. Generate your leads through your business website 

Linking your CRM to your business is very important. CRM captures and records the information and data of prospects and leads who visit your website while you are away. A CRM and landing page linkage has an automated marketing machine that captures new website visitors in your absence. Information collected by the landing page is usually either a callback request form or a contact with fields to fill in. This allows later follow-ups with customers.

7. Automate the lead routing 

This can be done automatically since real estate marketing software tools automate lead routing and rotation. This doesn’t only help with saving time but also gets you more agents. In addition, routing can be done geographically by zip code, putting up first to claim process or bypassing your highly-priced leads to your senior agents.

8. Allow open house lead generation

Open house lead generation includes capturing emails of all people who attend through open house viewing. These could be people who follow your Facebook live sessions, Instagram lives, and Twitter spaces and more.

Picking emails of all people who attend those virtual media events help to follow up with them. It also enables you to send them automated emails to keep nurturing the new leads who keep coming through. One of the tools that do automatic lead collection is called spacio. This is a tool you need to try to monitor how fast the software can help you generate leads and if it’s suitable with your business nature, the goals of the business and those of your clients.

9. Nurture your leads

When your CRM system captures and collects leads into your database. You need to find time and start nurturing them. Nurturing clients involves sending relevant emails and other media marketing emails to your target audience. This could guide your audience down to your sales funnel so that you can convert more leads.

One of the simplest ways to nurture leads into customers is using automated workflows and drip emails. These automated email marketing automation software tools reduce your worry since, once set up, they send the right emails to the right people. This enhances customer experience and more lead conversions.

10. Source leads from several social media platforms 

Not to limit yourself from generating leads, you can get leads from several sources. Much as it’s hard to keep on top while managing many social media channels, you can try doing so by using marketing automation software tools to sync your leads and get them in one place. One of the most effective software tools found to do this is Follow Up Boss. The software has very vital automation features that help with lead management. It also distributes and follows up with leads generated from various and different social media platforms.

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