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Will AI replace Sales Reps?

Updated: May 25

 Because we sell the Trembi Sales AI and automation tools to businesses currently in Africa, the number 1 question we get asked by sales reps, managers and Entrepreneurs is; Will AI eventually replace sales reps?

Prefer to watch a video? Here you go

Now to the responses:

Truth is AI will replace many of the aspects of what the traditional sales role is. The best response is sales will change the sales job and eliminate some of the lower performing sales reps, here is my reason:

What does the Traditional sales Rep do?

In a nutshell, this is what most sales reps do (B2B):

  1. Prospecting: They search for contacts of people that fit the ideal customer profile of what the business.

  2. Initiate sales conversations: Once you obtain emails, SMS, WhatsApp or any other communication/call channels, sales reps reach out either by messaging, emailing or calling these people.

  3. Follow up: We all know 95% of all sales are only closed after at least 4-9 follow ups.

  4. Closing the deal

  5. Review analytics and trends to improve performance


As of 2024, Ai can perform many of these tasks with better precision that Human sales reps. With precision, we have deployed the Trembi AI that helps with prospecting, initiating sales conversations, follow up alongside other helpful activities like generating emails, SMS, whatsapp messages and even digging into data within your CRM to help you understand what to do to improve your sales with pinpoint accuracy.


Truth is just like every other industry AI is going to change sales as an industry. I foresee a future where all the different steps of the sales process whether inbound or outbound can be done by AI. The people that effectively know how to use these AI platforms will be the ones to thrive and those that don't will die off.

What Human's were doing well including calling is now being done by AI as seen in this video

The future is a get extremely good at selling or die because only the very best sales reps will survive


AI will replace several aspects of sales reps jobs, it will eventually take most of what the sales reps work is.

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